Computer & Electronics Equipment Packaging, Crating & Shipping Baltimore

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We are your go to packaging, crating and shipping company for server rack shipping and all other electronic components.

Craters & Freighters works with technical contractors, large software companies, the government and all sectors of the IT industry.

We use Floating Base Crates, Shock Mounted Skids and Specialized Custom Cushioning.

Expertise That Delivers!

Craters & Freighters has over 25+ years of experience and has shipped servers and other electronics around nationwide and around the world.

We Handle Your Shipment With The Utmost Respect!

Our proven techniques will ensure your valuable items arrive safe, damage-free, and on-time. Established in 1990, Craters & Freighters' team of experts are trained to properly handle, wrap, cushion, and pack these valuable items. Our professionals understand that these items require proper cushioning, stabilization, and expertly built containers for safe and stable shipping!

Single Source Responsibility

Craters & Freighters is different than most traditional packaging, crating and shipping companies. We are not an internet based broker. We have brick and mortar locations ready to serve you in your local area. Craters & Freighters will handle the job from start to finish. This includes insurance, pick-up, packaging, crating, shipping, tracking, and delivery.

Give Us A Challenge, We Have A Solution

We can handle even the most complicated job to the smallest move. Craters & Freighters can ship everything from a few computer monitors to an entire data center.

Shipping Made Simple

We meet the needs of our customers and the requirements of the item(s) being shipped. We take many factors into consideration during the shipping process. We take into account the value of the item(s), fragility, weight, storage needs, repackaging needs, mode of transportation, and final delivery requirements. We have solutions!

Proud Member of the Chesapeake Regional Tech Council; Baltimore/Washington Air Cargo Association and the Anne Arundel County Commercial and Industrial Association.


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