Wood Crating Services Baltimore

Craters & Freighters fabricates custom wooden crates to protect items whose value or fragility requires the highest level of packaging. We offer a variety of crate styles designed to match the unique characteristics of each item we package, including size, weight, fragility, and orientation.

All crates are designed to be reusable. Moreover, all crates adhere to ISPM-15 ("bug stamp"), making them fully compliant with the requirements of participating countries.

Industrial Crating

Craters & Freighters Baltimore offers commercial business many features and benefits. We take care of what we do best, so your business can focus on what it does best! From picking up assets such as machinery, IT equipment, and lease returns that need packaging, crating, and shipping, or simply providing on-site pack and crate services, we have solutions for any business!

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Museum Crating

Craters & Freighters of Baltimore has over 25+ years of experience of conservation handling, preparation and packaging of items such as paintings, paper, stone, plaster, furniture, wood objects, textiles, and other materials, to meet museum and conservation standards; in order to protect the items during storage, handling and transportation.

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Custom Crating and Packaging for Shipping

As you begin browsing our website and wondering why you would choose this company, ask yourself what you think is "The Most Important" aspect about shipping your Item. Craters & Freighters of Baltimore promises the best quality workmanship using the best materials and offering the best shipping solutions to provide you with a superior packing and shipping service.

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Craters & Freighters of Baltimore can custom pack and crate any art and antique item with one simple call. We have over 25 years of experience specializing in wood crating solutions for all your high-value art and antique shipments.

We can build any crate to your specifications. If you have a unique product or prototype, we can design a custom crate, including cushioning, and interior packing requirements.

 We chose from an extensive database of crate designs that take many factors into consideration including fragility, load, transit method, and final destination requirements. Once a proper crate is determined our professionals can expertly pack your items and deliver them right to your dock for shipping.

Large Wooden Crates

Our most popular and versatile crate is for heavy equipment, machinery, and other pieces weighing up to a 1,000 lbs. It is very rugged and durable. Items in the crate are blocked and/or braced, held in place with fill, or packed tight to prevent movement.

It is a solid wood crate that incorporates 2x6's into the Base with 4x4 Skids for easy handling. We use 1/2" plywood that is framed with 1x4's for the sides, ends & top. Internal packing is engineered using various materials and techniques based on the nature of the item being shipped.

Mil-Spec Crates

We are one of the leading Mil-Spec craters in the Baltimore area. We can build any crate for your Government of Military need including RFID applications.

International Crates

All crates are designed to be reusable. Moreover, all crates adhere to ISPM-15 ("bug stamp"), making them fully compliant with the requirements of participating countries.

Picture Crates

Fine Art Packaging requires solid wood crates and custom cushioning. Our Picture Crates are made with 1/2" plywood and depending on the value, orientation & destination are also framed with 1x4's. This provides an excellent outer protective package. Combined with a pallet & A-Frame supports or Gussets, it can be used for Art under glass, Marble tops, Glass tops, Ceramic tops and just about anything that may need to travel in an upright position.

Open Slat Crates & Others

Open or Slat crates are designed in such away as to protect the contents of the crate from other items falling onto the crated item while in transit. The crate is designed with a pallet or skid type bottom to support the weight and size and upright and diagonal cleats using nominal wood components to structure the walls and top of the crate.

Trade Show & Museum Crates

We build several styles of crates for trade shows including removable tops, sides and ramps. Our expertise will save you money when you get to the show. No more renting carpeting, tables and chairs. We cut your trade show expense plus store the crate and ship to union shows.

Motorcycle Crating

Each motorcycle we crate and ship is different in some way. Consequently we must treat each one with special crating needs. We can build a solid wood crate or if you prefer, we can build a lighter crate that uses the same sturdy base but uses 350# test double wall corrugated that is framed with 1x4's. A very efficient and less expensive option than full wood crating.

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