Museum Quality Crating for Shipping Baltimore

Craters & Freighters of Baltimore has over 25+ years of experience of conservation handling, preparation and packaging of items such as paintings, paper, stone, plaster, furniture, wood objects, textiles, and other materials, to meet museum and conservation standards; in order to protect the items during storage, handling and transportation.

The type of product, risk, age, condition, climate, humidity and temperature conditions at origin, during transport and destination, and considerations for shock and vibration during handling, storage, and transportation are factored into the packaging design.

Our team of experts will custom design and build a museum quality crate to ensure your items are protected.

We also build SITES (Smithsonian Institute Traveling Exhibit Crates) to your specifications Please call today for more information on all our crating capabilities and for a free estimate.


Package, crate and ship your valuables with Craters & Freighters of Baltimore by Requesting a Quote today.

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