Packaging Services for Shipping Baltimore

Craters & Freighters of Baltimore provides custom corrugated containers to meet any shipping need. Corrugated is a durable, versatile, and lightweight material used for custom-manufactured shipping containers. We use a minimum 275 lb double wall corrugated fiberboard, which is made up of three sheets of linerboard with two mediums or flutes in between when building custom corrugated boxes.

Packaging Methods

Craters & Freighters Baltimore offers free quotes for any corrugated container or custom packaging services. We handle all aspects of the shipping process including pick-up, packaging, crating, insuring and delivery!

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Product Protection

Craters & Freighters Baltimore provides expert product protection wrapping for protecting assets during transportation and storage. Heat shrink wrapping is a vital process when exporting items that will be exposed to the elements.

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Pelican Products

Craters & Freighters of Baltimore is a “Core Dealer” for Pelican Products, the world’s leading manufacturer of durable water tight cases.

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