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Reviews and Testimonials for Craters & Freighters Baltimore

Craters & Freighters was founded to meet the needs of companies and individuals with heavy, oversized, high-value, awkward, and time-sensitive shipments that other shipping companies refused to handle.

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If It can be Moved, We Move It

In nearly three decades as an industry leader, we have packaged, crated, and moved just about everything you can imagine. We ship virtually anything virtually anywhere. From simple items to complex robotic equipment, our custom-engineered solutions ensure items get to their destination on-time and undamaged.



Sensitive surveying equipment shipped

“Dear Steve and Dan, Byrd Surveying recently bought some sensitive surveying equipment from the State of Maryland.  As you know from our address, we were not in a position to pick up the equipment ourselves and turned to your firm to provide that service. This equipment acquisition was a group of several cases and boxes that had not been packed as a unit by the seller.

Consequently, the task before Craters & Freighters was not the typical shipping project. C&F would have to go to the seller’s location, pack up the multiple components and transport it to BSI.  As I stated, this is fragile and sensitive equipment and great care was needed to assure arrival at our location, intact, unharmed and in a short period of time. BSI was somewhat skeptical that this goal could be achieved by a freight company and we explored other options before assigning the task to C&F.

Upon arrival of the package to BSI, our entire staff was impressed by the attitude of the driver and of the package itself. All of the different pieces were contained in a carton that was tightly bound. As we disassembled the carton, we found that each piece had been carefully packed and separated from the other. It was clear that thought and care had gone into the packing process. As we took each instrument from its case we were delighted to find that absolutely no damage to the equipment had taken place in the packing and transport operation. The real accomplishment was that every piece of the gear operated properly when examined by a technician.

We attribute a great deal of the success of this acquisition to abilities and skill of C&F. Dan was very accommodating in meeting our aggressive delivery schedule and his coordination with Steve made it happen. It is difficult to do better than on time and safe delivery of a fragile package quickly and at a reasonable cost. C&F has our sincere thanks for this achievement and our assurance that we will utilize your services for any future shipping needs that we may have. Thank you again for an outstanding level of performance that one rarely sees anymore.”⁠—Deon Byrd, President of Byrd Surveying


“Dear C&F, Just dropping you a line to tell you “HoW – WoWed” we are in New Orleans on the FANTASTIC end-to-end transaction we have had with Craters & Freighters of Baltimore! Your Dan Provine was so patient in the initial stages of the transaction guiding our staff through the process of doing business with C&F and the overall process of shipping a one-off item like these acoustic chambers.

Dan then received the chambers from the originator in Ellicott City and then did your C&F WoW – Magic to crate the chambers and then get them shipped to New Orleans! Dan followed up with us in every step. Your New Orleans Area C&F teammates did their part and WoWed us more when your crate arrived at our facility. We will be recommending Baltimore C&F to colleagues in the area for their use. We will be recommending New Orleans C&F to colleagues in the area for their use. We are also communicating with the Sr. Contact Person at your level that is in the New Orleans Area C&F named Mr. Jim Caradine.”⁠—Henry G. Heier